Do Not Adjust Your Set..

The last two weeks have been odd and just a bit frustrating as I've not been able to get on and do things I wanted and needed to do. This was compounded by the boys having a five day weekend with Friday, Monday and Tuesday off school. As such I was unable to do any visiting and couldn't get involved in the stuff I normally do. Thankfully Paula is now home and life is back to normal, at least for just over a week until the school holidays. I've felt like I needed to adjust the proverbial TV set but as the continuity announcer always says; "Do not adjust your set, normal service will resume shortly." Thankfully normal service is resumed.

Last night we led our first midweek small group in Macassar. As a church we ditched cell groups (the cell group experiment was a dismal failure across the globe, don't get me started on that particular rant!) and had Friendship Groups for a while which have now given way to 'home group' style meetings in which we're aiming to build on the success of the friendship groups. Last night was a great time together and as a group we're agreed on what we want and hope for from it. We were very encouraged by the meeting and were also pleased that our language lessons are paying off as we could easily understand the bit of Afrikaans that was spoken.

I am also doing some further theological training with the South African Theological Seminary which is enjoyable and going well. Again this was on hold but I'm now able to pick it up and crack on. Apparently I have an exam on 2nd Sept, scary! I'm doing a module called: Words & Works of Jesus. I know that doing this further studying will benefit not just myself but our ministry too, especially as I'm preaching more now and plan to be doing some bible studies in Macassar soon.

Back in Chris Nissen, Michael has been the 'point-man' in the community for a feeding programme being run by ? (we're not really sure). I've been helping him to collect the food from Lwandle township and then get it to Aunty Poppy and Elise who are cooking it and distributing it in the community. We're not sure who runs this programme or what the aim of it is but it should help some of the neediest in CNP get through winter. Now the elections are over it will be interesting to see how long this programme runs for.

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  1. God bless your work. And your schooling! As a theology student I send you prayers and gratefully accept any you send back my way. I am just finishing my first year of a 5 year program.


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