Farting Wellies

Once again the Helderberg Nature Reserve comes up trumps as the place to go locally. The weather was totally foul today but we went anyway. Our good friend Jo (in the blue car) joined us, I think against her better judgment, but we managed to have some fun. Somewhere along the line Joel managed to get a welly full of water (see piccy). He was so chuffed when it made a 'farting noise' when he took it off. We made it all the way to the 'climbing tree' where we stayed for all of five minutes before repairing to the cafe. As ever my boys demonstrated their 'uniqueness' by asking for ice-lollies on a cold and miserable day. They truly are odd.

Jo was a star and took the boys off my hands for a while so I could get a bit of shopping after which I joined her and the boys for McD's takeaway. Joel was really pleased to get a 'Night At the Museum 2' toy with his meal. As an aside, I have to say that that film is a rare thing in that it is at least as good as the original and I think it's actually better.

As I'm writing this Joel is in tears as he's got a bad earache. Please pray for him as he's been in pain for most of the afternoon. If he's still complaining in the morning then I'll take to the Dr.

Jo wrapped up to the nines doing her best to tolerate the weather (her mum will be impressed!)

Eli with his lovely 'apple' lolly. The lines on his face are from Joel who kindly 'painted' his face as Eli wanted to look like a lion!


  1. Only Dean could head up a blog "Farting Wellies"!!!! That is SOOOOOOOOO my sort of humour!! Trummmmmp!

  2. PS Not long now and your "girlie" will be home!! I know she's missing you madly, but it's been lovely to have her around here!


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