The weekend has started early for us as the boys school has decided to throw two teacher training days onto the weekend to make for a very long weekend which includes a public holiday on Tuesday. That means I've really got my work cut out as I can't escape during school hours.

This morning we went to the MTN Sciencentre which is fast becoming the boys favourite place, usurping the aquarium's long held place as the #1 destination. There is so much to do and it's all fun! From airgun powered rockets to computer games and wall building there really is something for everyone. Amazingly it's cheaper for adults to get in than it is for children but it's just as much fun for the adults.

Eli was deeply engrossed in the computer stuff

Rocket man

Joel enjoyed the computers too

The interactive displays are good fun

I wonder which one knows more about computers?

Eli the builder. Taking it all very seriously

Joel is so happy with books

Meanwhile Mummy is having fun at the pub with Sal

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  1. Yeah good old British pub food!! i'd have combed my hair had I known this was going on the Blog!! We managed to find our way "home" without getting lost .... having had to be rescued by a friendly farmer (ahem!!) on the way to the pub having missed a turn across a field!! Too much talking on our part!


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