Home Alone

Someone once said that being at home with daddy was tantamount to being left at home alone. Not sure who said that but I'm happy to report that they weren't 100% accurate, at least not here.

We're all missing mummy, but she's having fun with family in Blighty which is great. So back on the ranch we're coping just fine much to the apparent amazement of many who seem to think we should have crumbled into 'Lord of the Flies' type anarchy by now. However, the boys are fed, homework is done, the washing is sorted and the earth is still spinning on its axis.

Paula has been gone almost a week and I have to say that I have a new found respect for what she does for the family. Now before I get a load of 'told you so' type comments let me make a point. I am an involved dad, more so than any other dad I've ever met and as such Paula gets a lot of help and support so she rarely has to do everything all by herself. That said she does work incredibly hard!

The toughest bit for me is the morning routine as Paula would normally get the boys ready and take them to school as that fits with her gym routine. So I've had to start setting the alarm for a lot earlier than I would normally just to get a jump on the day. Amazingly I was up before Joel this morning which is very very unusual. Yesterday he was up and watching TV at 2.15am. I soon dealt with that one! I think the really tough bit is yet to come on Friday as school is closed until Wednesday so we'll have five days with no-one to distract us.

Before that however there is an England game to watch on TV tonight to which I have invited a friend or two. We'll crack a few beers and give the pizza guy a call to see how he's doing. Glory! Thankfully all those early battles with getting the kids into a sleeping routine (all 3months of it) really does pay off later in life! By 7pm the house is quiet and I'm a free man, well almost as I can't actually leave the house. Thankfully South Africa has a thing called Mr Delivery and you can guess what he does!

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  1. Well done ... I didn't doubt your ability to cope for a minute, am very impressed though that you being willing to!! When I went away with Josh for 3 nights last year, all I heard from certain quarters was "poor Richard" and "isn't he good to cope with Isaac for three days"! Pah and Pants to that!


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