Whilst Paula was visiting in Chris Nissen with the HOPE home based care team I took the boys for a runaround in the Nature Reserve. We ended up there for almost four hours and Paula joined us for lunch after she had finished in CNP.

This is such a favourite trip out and we all really enjoy it. The weather was a bit better than it has been so far this week so we were able to walk about a bit.

We were pleased to see that the boardwalk by the pond is being extended so soon we'll be able to walk all the way around it. As you can see the views by the pond are quite stunning.

So today is the first day of the school holidays for our boys. Most schools close today but theirs closed yesterday so we'll have our hands full for the next three weeks. On Wednesday next week we're off to Greyton for a few nights and then at the end of the holidays we'll be off 'camping' for a weekend as we enjoy the family getaway I won in the parents race recently at the Miles 4 Smiles fundraiser.

Eli doing what he does best

Two enthralled boys

Apparently Mother Goose died (sorry if that comes as a shock) and was laid to rest under a stone in the Nature Reserve


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