Dean is finally feeling better so we had a lovely afternoon walk in the Nature Reserve after church. Thanks for your prayers for him.

Church was great this morning and we had a visiting preacher from Mitchell's Plain. Graham has spoken at Grace before and we certainly enjoy him. We had a few visitors again today which is great as word seems to be getting out that Grace is a church of integrity. One of our biggest joys about church is that our boys love it. This is such a huge answer to prayer!

As ever the Nature Reserve was a lot of fun. This afternoon our dear friend Jo (with the blue car) joined us which was great as the boys really like her. Joel was delighted to be able to show Mummy the 'witch's castle' on the mountain and to show her the 'secret way' to the climbing tree. Eli was in a bit of a grump as he'd refused lunch and was complaining of being hungry.

Shinning across the river

Joel with the obligatory ice lolly

Joel taking a photo of a photo being taken


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