I realise that it is often difficult to understand cultural differences and how the gospel fits within certain cultures. For example, working out the gospel in an animistic culture throws up a whole set of difficulties which aren't immediately easy to address. As such I may have completely misunderstood this article on the BBC news website, but I'd love for someone to explain just how carrying a gun for personal protection fits with the gospel and teachings of Jesus.

I seem to recall him saying something about 'turning the other cheek', but I may be wrong.

I'm not sure whether carrying a gun is in itself a sinful act but if one chooses to carry a gun one is clearly prepared to use it and guns are made for one purpose, killing. Equally I don't agree with the notion that wearing guns to churches or any sacred space is particularly troubling. After all, we're not overly concerned about buildings but rather the presence of God as we live under grace not law. What does trouble me about Christians carrying guns is the intent of the person carrying the gun and how that intent can sit alongside a true faith in the gospel of Jesus. I'm interested in your thoughts on this one.


  1. Maybe we're just culturally-unaware but I tend to agree with you. I'm also unaware of any research that doesn't conclude that carrying guns ups the anti in terms of violence; people expect to be met with a gun so they bring a gun, hence the belief about "self defence" is actually what escalates the violence in the first place. Best place for guns is locked in a safe place in a clay-pigeon club.

  2. Hi Dean

    Words almost fail me! How can anyone with any conscience, let alone a profession of Christianity, contemplate such a stance. The gospel is quite clear on non-violence and the sanctity of life. To suggest otherwise makes a mockery of Christ and His death. This is exactly the type of sick behaviour in the church that disgusts non-believers. It is not doing anyone any favours and the gospel also has strong warnings for those who profess faith on one hand and act inhumanly on the other.....End of rant! Kirsty

  3. Oh how words fail me and how my heart breaks.

    How does it look to the rest of the world, Christian and otherwise, that guns are one of the "gods" of the US?

    The mere mention of ANY gun control is apt to issue loud noises and resistance at levels you cannot possibly imagine.

    When I read this information recently, I hung my head in shame. Today I do the same.

    My weeping was followed by the thought, "and Jesus wept."

    Even as an American, as an American who grew up in a house filled with guns (just one of many things that fuel a long journey with forgiveness that I have had to take with my father) I fail to understand the need for and fury about arms.

    There is a subtext to this that Barack Obama is going to take away peoples' guns - far too much to put in this combox. This fear is brought to high art through media manipulation of those who love their guns. This scenario is absolutely related to this madness.

    Do we not love our children? Our God? Ourselves?

    *Deep sigh* *Sob*

    Forgive us Lord, guns in church. God have mercy on us all.


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