Bike Races

Here's a sight that warms my heart!

It seems like my boys haven't ridden their bikes for a while, partly because the weather hasn't been great but also because Eli's bike was broken and I only just got around to fixing it.

The weather was perfect this afternoon at 24°C (it was freezing this morning) so with their fixed bikes both boys were off charging up and down the drive on their bikes. I pity the neighbours as the boys don't tend to do things quietly especially when they're competing in their own bike races.

Eli is delighted to have a new saddle on his bike and having replaced his rear inner tube too it's going like a dream again. Joel insists his bike needs fixing too and won't listen to Daddy who knows better. When I ask him what's wrong he's not too sure but it definitely needs fixing!

Looking at these pictures you'd never know it's mid-winter here. Amazingly despite how little rain we seem to have had Cape Town dams are 99% full which is great news!


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