Hope In Despair

I've been going into Chris Nissen Park for five years now and I love the place and the folk that live there. I've seen it in all its splendour and grottiness but today it was the bleakest and most depressing I have ever seen it.

Many of the houses are soaked inside because the construction is so poor the water seeps in through the foundations. The top soil from the gardens and surrounding land is being washed away leaving brown rivers flowing down the roads. It's impossible to walk anywhere in the community without getting very wet feet!

People are huddled around braziers trying to stay warm and get dry, mostly without success. When I got home Paula said I smelt of CNP because I'd been sat with Michael, Joyce & Anne (one of our HOPE carers) around their fire.

Despite the despair and bleakness about CNP I always feel there is a sense of hope because of people like Michael and Anne, part of our home based care team.

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  1. Reading this makes me weep. Thanks always for sharing your lives in this way - both with the people in CNP and then with us.

    That rainbow in the end says it all.

    Hope - what else can there be?

    Prayers as always for all.


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