The weather has improved in the last 24 hours so we've been able to do some essential weatherproofing work on two of our church members houses.

Both were leaking really badly in the recent rains making life for their occupiers horrible. One of the families suffered so badly that one of the children is now in Hottentots hospital with a respiratory infection.

Michael was an absolute star and joined me yesterday and today to do the jobs. I couldn't have done any of it without him.

Melvyn (one of our elders) also helped which was a real blessing today as we were also able to sort out one of the doors.

A comedy moment whilst in Macassar this afternoon, the Imam at the mosque started his prayer call and moments after he started all the neighbourhood dogs began howling along with him. Priceless!

The wendy house before being weather proofed..

..and afterwards with its new 'hat'

The hokkie before being weatherproofed..

..and afterwards. That's Melvyn in the doorway sorting it out

My bakkie has many different uses!


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