Paula's Birthday

This morning we celebrated Paula's birthday by going out for breakfast at Jenna Viva's a local coffee shop in Somerset West. We had a wonderful time and the food was excellent!

Paula celebrated with a glass of bubbles whilst the boys had huge bacon and maple syrup flapjack stackers. Eli ordered seconds!

Daddy settled for a full English breakfast and wasn't disappointed. The grilled banana added a slightly unusual dimension to it.

We both loved the loose leaf Rooibos tea which also came with an hour glass timer to ensure the leaves didn't over infuse. The boys loved playing with the timer.

Sadly we can't go out tonight as we have our mid-week small group meeting (we really need to come up with a better name for it than that).

Eli likes to drink the milk from the jug, such a sophisticated lad

Joel playing with the egg timer

Mummy with a full English

Blowing bubbles in his drink, really sophisticated!

Eli with his stacker

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  1. Happy Birthday Paula!

    Prayers, blessings and good wishes in great abundance!



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