We're Back

Our few days away in Greyton were fantastic for a number of reasons. Firstly, we're really jealous of our family time and guard it carefully. Secondly, we all relaxed very quickly and enjoyed just chillin' together, we really enjoy just being with each other. Finally, Greyton is a gem of a village with friendly locals and some of the best cafes and restaurants to be found anywhere in SA. The two highlights of our time eating there were Vanilla Cafe and Peccadillos Bistro both of which provide sublime food at very reasonable prices. Vanilla have hit it just right in how they cater for families and the more sophisticated clientele. The garlic soup at Peccadillos was amazing.

Our highlight was our walk up a big hill in the nature reserve, the charge up the hill was led by Joel whilst Eli led the charge back down. We were really pleased with how far they both walked so hopefully we can dust of our walking gear and take them on some other longer walks.

The boys really enjoyed the break and although we didn't do much, there's not much to see or do, they seemed to enjoy just being with us and having a laugh together. Joel particulalry enjoys quality food so he really appreciated the various cafes and restaurants, we're teaching them well.

The weather was amazing for the time of year. We were expecting it to be raining and very cold at night, but it only rained once which was overnight and the temp was very mild the whole time which was a real blessing.

Marching up a big hill

One of the many spectacular views from Greyton

On the way back down

Enjoying the garden at Vanilla

Vanilla also had a bouncy castle which was a huge hit with our boys

Eli bouncing

Joel, king of the (bouncy) castle

Ice cream slips down well

Making friends in Greyton

We'll definitely be back in Greyton soon!

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  1. That looks just lovely - really beautiful. Glad you all had a time of great retreat and refreshment of all sorts!

    One day I will make it to SA, until then, I will vicariously enjoy what scenery you share here.


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