Presentation Of Work - Pt 1

Today and tomorrow are special days for our boys as they get to show us some of their best work from their year so far at school. Today was Eli's turn and he was delighted to have Mummy & Daddy in his class. We had lots of fun with him seeing what he's been up to. We're really privileged because the boys attend a small school with small classes and as such we have a really good relationship with the teachers.

Eli is very lucky to have Aunty Lisa (Mrs Broekhuizen to Joel, you & I) and Aunty Batwisa looking after him every day and we're really blessed to have such free and easy access to Aunty Lisa every school day to be able to chat about what's going on and how Eli's doing. We were really pleased to hear that Eli is well loved by his friends and that he has "the softest heart of all the children as he's a really caring boy". He makes us so proud!

Armed with a full watering can...

...ready to water his newly planted seeds

Showing Daddy how to paint


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