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Regular readers of our blog may remember Paula writing about the fundraiser she attended recently for the Christmas party for children who attend the ARV clinic at our local hospital (Down To Earth With A Bump). During the event the lady who owns the restaurant in the Nature Reserve invited Paula to bring her HOPE ladies for a treat lunch one day. So, today was the elected day and following our morning visiting in Chris Nissen, Paula and a friend transported the ladies to the Reserve for a real treat!

We first went for a lovely walk around the pond and really enjoyed the views and the tranquility. Lunch was then a fantastic Cape bobotie followed by milkshakes and very strong coffee all round. It was so nice to be able to treat these fantastic ladies again, as treats like this are few and far between. We had a great time and enjoyed being out together away from the stresses and strains of Chris Nissen and having a good old natter whilst eating superb food! It was also lovely to be able to take Elise, my new friend from Macassar who has been visiting with us for several months now. She is a really quality woman and very loved and accepted by the others. God is at work amongst us and we thank Him for blessing us today through my friend at the Reserve.

Henna, Elise and Lizbeth

Henna & Elise

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  1. This is so wonderful to read about! Blessings on your ministry here.


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