Much to my relief our freight was collected at 10.30 this morning by a very cheerful chap from the shipping company. I had estimated that the freight was 4 cubic metres at most and he seemed to agree which is a bit of a relief as it all fitted into his van very easily. I think he was grateful for the extra help in loading up too.

I was up 'til 2am putting the finishing touches on the boxes, packing a couple of pictures and then making sure the boxes were all clearly labelled. Then this morning I finally got the packing lists done. In fact the last sheet was printing just as the van rocked up.

When I started this job I really wasn't sure I would get it done in time but now that it's gone I feel it was a worthwhile exercise.

The thing we're most excited about is having all our books with us and also our photographs. You never realise just how much you take for granted having such things around. A lot of what we're shipping will be passed on to our friends in Chris Nissen and Macassar, but the rest of it will live in our new home when that's finally sorted. After 10 years of being fairly itinerant we'll finally be able to live with our knick-knacks cluttering up the place just like they do yours.

Our jolly collection man

Closing the van doors. We won't see those boxes again for several weeks. Hopefully they won't go via Somalia!


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