Dirt Is Good For You

Here's something every parent who uses common sense has known forever, but for some reason it required a team of scientists with funding to make 'official': Children should be allowed to get dirty, as being too clean can impair the skin's ability to heal.

Apparently the study confirms the "hygiene hypothesis" which holds that exposure to germs during early childhood primes the body against allergies. Well hooray for science!

But before you let your little ones run amok in the garden, bear in mind that a spokeswoman for Allergy UK said there was a growing body of evidence that exposure to germs was a good thing. But she said "more research was needed". Obviously any further research would need funding so clearly there's no vested interest there then.

Read the full story on the BBC here: Dirt can be good for children, say scientists


  1. My kid is permanently covered in mud and he never gets sick... who needs research! Thanks for the flurry of blogs, I'd been missing them.

  2. I could not agree more!

    One of the things that is getting me worked up a bit is the phobia in churches over not touching and (in my church) how communion is received.

    I think of how we are supposed to unite with the poor in Christ and through Christ... Yet we fuss over some germs? So many poor don't have that luxury as they scramble around dumps for food and sustenance.

    Sorry to rant. I think that while we have to exercise good hygeine, a little dirt never hurt anyone!


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