Last weekend we went to see our friends Sam & Cindy in Noordhoek just outside Cape Town. They've got a smallholding and are showcasing sustainable farming and living. Check out these two great websites for a better explanation: My Farm Online & Start Living green. It was great to see what they're up to and to get some ideas for our new house when we move next month. I was particularly keen to see the worm farm in action whilst the boys loved the animals and took the seed planting with Sam very seriously. They still check each day to see how the seedlings are doing.

Hopefully they'll sprout very soon! We also met our puppy which hopefully will join us in a few weeks time. She's a Ridgeback, Border Collie mix so things could be quite interesting with her. Joel & Eli are very excited about getting a dog and we're having some interesting discussions around naming it.

We love catching up with friends so it was a really special morning. we've known Sam since our time in Zim' and Dean spent some time with both Sam & Cindy a couple of years ago driving up to Lesotho. It's good to see friends at any time but especially when they're doing what they're passionate about and are in the midst of God's will for their lives!

Last week was a bit of an odd week, especially as Dean was unwell for much of it (that probably explains the absence of any posts). However we're all well now and things are picking up again.

Trapped! Viewing the rabbits

Eli loved trying to feed the bunnies

Joel and a goat. Which is which?

ps. if you fancy a laugh, check this out: Farming in the EU - is this a real letter?!

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  1. Love the pics!!

    And btw, I love my new camera!!! Thanks for the Canon input, it is GREAT. Far superior to my prior (and much beloved) camera.


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