4 Today!

Happy 4th Birthday Eli!!!

We were woken at 5.45 to the sound of the boys discussing Eli's potential presents!!  This then deteriorated into an argument and Joel saying he would buy Eli "the boringest present EVER..."a book full of lots and lots of words".

Thankfully, Eli was spared and got what any self-respecting 4 year old boy wanted - a chainsaw!  He was thrilled and spent the next while cutting everything down in the house and garden.  He loved all his presents and cards and did actually love the 3 books that he was given by various folk!  Thank you to everyone for your cards and gifts.  We are now busy building Meccano boats and people - deep joy!

Comment of the day so far though goes to Eli... "Who's that card from Eli?"  "I dunno, it's a 'Jesus' card".  (explanation note: Eli's group at church has been learning about Jesus all term with the help of some cute little sheep each week!).  Sure enough the card had a shepherd and a cute little sheep on it AND it was from Crosslinks!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Eli! Look at that face - such life!! (And it is not just the chainsaw and safety goggles. Glad to see those after our comment conversation about safety the other day!)

    I love having these glimpses of your life, opening my heart to your lives and ministry in SA. What a gift to be connected in prayer and community this way. God bless you all, with an extra bit for that 4 year old chain saw operator!


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