End Of Year Bits & Bobs

2009 was an interesting year which definitely finished on a high as we were blessed with a home of our own again after 10 years of living in transit. It was also fantastic to be able to unpack our freight, much of which was packed away 10 years ago. We enjoyed reminiscing over our junk and pictures and are delighted to have it all cluttering up our home.

The boys had a great year and have grown incredibly in every way imaginable. Having them both at the same school was a huge blessing and they both had good years there. Eli loves every second of school whilst Joel tolerates it. Having said that he had another year of struggling for the first half and flying for the second. As he goes in to Year 2 in Jan' we just hope and pray his new teacher will really click with him. Eli will be going to Reception which is a scary thought!

We had a great year with friends and through Grace (our church) have made some really amazing friends! We really look forward to seeing how God grows these friendships in the coming year. We've kept up some of our friendships in Chris Nissen too and Michael in particular has been a huge blessing to us. Please pray for massive blessings in his life for 2010 and beyond!

Church has been great. We love being part of Grace in Macassar! We're really looking forward to seeing what God will do in and through the church in 2010. Paula has high hopes for Home Based Care. On that note she's had an amazing year with the CNP team and has enjoyed watching them step up and take on more & more responsibility. Paula has also been meeting regularly with a small group of ladies in Macassar and she's hopeful of where that will lead.

Dean has really enjoyed getting to know some of the men folk in church and is hoping to expand this next year. He's also really enjoyed being able to serve church members in practical ways by painting roofs, changing door hinges, fixing locks etc. By blessing our church members in such small but practical ways they are empowered to stop worrying about minutiae and concentrate more on winning the community for Jesus. Dean really wants to grow this in 2010 and we're very excited about the possibilities for the coming year.

Joel's highlight was flying to England with Daddy to see Grandad and the rest of the family! He couldn't believe his luck when we told him he was going, especially as it meant he would miss ten days of school.

Eli's highlight probably was school, that and getting Rose!

This nowhere near covers the whole year but it's just about all we can remember off the top of our heads. So on that note wee hope you had a great year but if not then we hope and pray 2010 will be a better year.


  1. Blessings in abundance to you!And prayers too!

  2. What more can one add but to say - Might you know God's guiding and overruling hand over all you try and attempt for Him and for the Gospel during 2010
    With love from all at St Mary's Cheadle


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