This afternoon we had the privilege of joining Aunty Mona and her crew for the Firgrove kids Christmas Party. Each year she runs this party simply to bless the kids in the community. Wow what an afternoon. The turnout was fantastic and the kids had a brilliant time with the bouncy castle being the main attraction.

We were really impressed by the turnout of volunteers too which meant that Aunty Mona and Cindy (her daughter) had plenty of help. There was a also a fairly good turnout from Grace which was excellent. It's good to see church members getting involved in community events.

The tannies watching the kids on the castle. Aunty Mona is on the right

Father Christmas made a visit

Joel & Eli were taken with the newborn kittens

We used the same bouncy castle as last night for the church fun night so we put it up in the garden this morning for a bit. The boys had a wild time enjoying it all by themselves!


  1. One thing that strikes me - as it always did when I used to leave the US, is that we are over the top on safety.

    Now I am not advocating recklessness but, sometimes it is a bit much.

    You would not see a bouncy bounce in the US without webbing all the way around so that no one should fall out.

    This says a lot about our national character and I am not at all sure that it is good. We are so risk averse as a people, but to be a Christian is to embrace risk at all times with the faith to know that God is present.

    Even in the bouncy bounce. And sometimes things just do happen.

    Sorry for the rant!

  2. You're totally forgiven Fran! The 'Elf n Safety' nonsense in the UK is just as bad. Thankfully here in SA we don't worry too much about such nonsense.

    This bouncy cvastle would have the Elf n Safety muppets apoplectic with rage as it's actually 2 bits held together with a bit of elastic. Once it was set up I briefly wondered what would happen if a child got stuck between the two bits but to be honest I didn't dwell on it for too long as I knew I'd find the answer. Lo and behold it was Eli that assisted with that particular bit of research. He was none the worse for it.


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