Last night was our first night sleeping in our new house so finally after what feels like an eternity of shifting boxes and furniture all of 100 metres it's beginning to feel like home. As with moving to any property it's only once one is in that one discovers what is or isn't so great about the place. This morning I tried the shower only to discover it is truly pathetic! That's going to have to be rectified as a matter of urgency.

On the plus side, Telkom did indeed rock up as they said they would which was two days earlier than originally requested. After about 10 minutes of being perplexed the engineer asked where the phone line enters the house. I showed him where it used to be and then after a quick look in the attic he announced that there were no cables in the house. It turns out that when the thieves stripped the house of all its electrical cable before we moved in (thankfully the seller's insurance coughed up so we got a fully rewired house) they must have nicked the phone line too. After another few minutes he announced that he would simply replace the cabling and so within an hour we had a working phone and ADSL line. Fantastic! That really was a seamless service from Telkom and we're well impressed.

The boys were in paradise on their first night in the house as they now have all their toys in their bedroom as the lounge is simply too small to accommodate them all. Goodness knows what time they eventually got to sleep. Thankfully we were out at a mulled wine evening so it wasn't our problem. What we do know is that Joel was up at 5am playing with his Flying Dutchman. Hopefully the novelty will wear off in a few days.

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  1. Great News!!
    At least you have a week to get the things in place before Christmas.
    Every blessing and many prayers for you all both over Christmas and in the year ahead from all at Cheadle St Mary's Parish Church.


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