As ever when moving to a new home junk accumulates which needs to be sorted and invariably something major breaks down. Here you can see some of the excess junk waiting to find a home in the garage. What surprised me about the size of the pile is the fact that we're not hoarders by any stretch of the imagination and are quite ruthless when it comes to getting rid of stuff. But still junk accumulates!

Paula tried to cook the boys tea last night only to find that the pan took about an hour to reach boiling point (about the same time it took for her to get to the same point!). Added to that the fact that the cooker was filthy, badly fitted and had some serious mis-wiring on the inside it was clearly time to get it replaced. I spent about an hour trying to rescue it but after tripping out the fuse box for the umpteenth time and uttering a few unedifying words it was time to go to the shops. Eventually I found a good oven & hob at a reasonable price. So £350 later, ouch! I was home with the necessaries. The shop offered to fit it for me for another £50 but I didn't want to wait a week. Thankfully all is well and the boys have enjoyed a hot noodle tea tonight.

Next week it looks like it's the geyser's turn as we seriously need to have decent showers.

The cooker mid-way through being installed

Paula making tea on the new hob


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