At some point later today we'll sit down on a balcony enjoying spectacular views over Pringle Bay looking out towards the Cape Peninsula whilst sipping on a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc, sans enfant. Bliss!

However between now and then we'll be running around like lunatics as there's a mountain of stuff to do which began with Joel & Eli's graduation ceremony. Whilst Dean feels it's bordering on the psychotic to celebrate the end of each school year quite so formally it was a really good service with each of the children getting a certificate.

What was really special this year was the instituting of the Granny Beth Awards (Beth Murdoch Star Certificate) of which Joel was the first to receive one, his being for Diligence throughout the year, especially in reading. We're really proud of him for this as Granny Beth is a lovely lady but also a little fearsome and doesn't hand out rewards lightly. We admire her as every week she sits and reads with every child in the school in Reception and above and over this last year she has written some lovely comments about Joel and his reading. Well done Joel!

Paula then stayed on for a picnic and the sports day whilst I've been running around getting stuff sorted for our house, hiring angle grinders and scaffolding boards is all new to me!

So we're both really looking forward to the coming weekend away but are very sad to be missing our baptism service on Sunday. The one Sunday more than any other we wish we weren't missing but for the sake of our sanity and preserving our marriage sacrifices must be made.

We'll post more pictures on our return on Sunday.


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