As we swelter in the summer sun of another glorious African Summer in the southern end of the continent I'm struck by a couple of things.

Firstly, the media world is totally euro or western centric in its outlook as are most people living within the northwest hemisphere.

Secondly, the 'scientists' seem to have gone very quiet.

What am I on about?

Well, I'm just wondering how the ecomentalists and global warming scaremongers care to explain the big freeze across the UK and Europe? I'm not hearing anything from them so I can only hope they're wrapped up warm in the current freeze and will be thawed soon so they can come out and pontificate. I'm also sick of all the stories in the media about the freeze. The BBC news website has at least 10 stories about the big freeze tonight on its UK & Europe pages for crying out loud!

I should perhaps explain here that I'm not a traditional global warming sceptic. I believe wholeheartedly in conserving resources, reducing consumption, recycling where possible and reusing when practical. I accept that most resources are finite especially fossil fuels and I also accept that burning them damages the environment.

I'm sceptical for a number of reasons. Firstly, when I was a child we were warned to the point of scaremongering that we were imminently heading into a new ice age. This now doesn't seem to be the case. Secondly, the 'science' behind global warming is inconsistent with news stories and scares being released on a daily basis, many of which contradict earlier stories. Spend a short time trawling through any news website to verify that for yourself. Thirdly, much of the scaremongering seems to be used as an excuse to tax the already hard pressed workers and I don't find that very amusing. And don't get me started on the nonsense that is carbon trading!

All I know is that the pictures of the snow are lovely, but come on and look beyond your own horizons. There's a world out there and much of it is in need of prayer and help but isn't trapped in snow and ice.

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  1. Dean, I am so glad that you wrote this. Just earlier I heard from a friend who was in Florida. It would typically be 24C; it is 10! And at night... -2!!

    Where I am it would normally be around -2; it is actually -11.

    A Facebook friend and former co-worker posted something earlier that aroused my anger. He and I are diametrically opposed on just about... everything. In any event, he does scoff at global warming and climate change and put something very sarcastic up about it.

    My reactive inner angry person wanted to pounce, but I held my silence. (Thanks be to God. Every now and then I do listen!)

    Reading your post tempers it all for me and I am grateful to come across it today.

    Overall it makes me think that *something* is going on... Just what, we do not know.

    As you wisely say - conservation is essential no matter what.

    Thanks always.

    Sorry to be so long!


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