Getting Straight(er)

When we went to bible college in '99 followed by Zimbabwe we had to make some pretty hard choices about what books and stuff we'd take with us and what would be packed and put into storage. At the time we had no thought about the length of time our stuff would be in storage or where we would be when we finally unpacked it all. Well here we are 10 years later with most of it unpacked in South Africa. Who would have guessed that the 'where & when' of unpacking it all would be South Africa ten years on? Not us that's for sure!

With the Christmas dust settling and the boys enjoying playing in the garden more and more, (spare some sympathy for Rose!) we've been able to sort through things that arrived in the freight.

Our most recent triumph has been to sort out our office and in particular to unpack our Christian, history, political & sociology books. They've even been put into a semblance of alphabetic order and it's great to finally see so many of our best books back on a shelf where they can be used again. Paula was particularly pleased to see her copy of The Gospel According To John by C.K.Barrett. Whilst I had no idea that we had almost 40 bibles so it's been good to cull the repeats and give them away. Our office remains the most cluttered room (the ironing pile is just out of shot on the right) but slowly we're getting it sorted. At least the space is usable now so we're able to work in there. We've also been able to clear out a lot of junk. 18 years of bank statements really aren't necessary!

We still have a bit of de-cluttering to do which will take some time to complete, if ever, but it's really nice to be surrounded by our stuff after so many years. Just as your house is cluttered up by your knick-knacks etc so our house is now cluttered up by our knick-knacks and we're loving the feeling of being home for the first time in many many years. Praise God!

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  1. Lovely to read this... what a life you are living!

    This makes me want to come meet you all more than ever! I can imagine the lively conversations about church, books, history and of course, God!


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