We had one of our quietest weekends in a long time mainly due to the fact that Joel isn't allowed to walk so our options were very limited. Still, a boring weekend at home is no bad thing (it certainly makes for a cheaper weekend) as it meant the boys would have to find new ways to entertain themselves. As you might imagine, for Eli that meant getting into all kinds of scrapes and in this pic' he's found a new way to get to the toys on the upper shelves of the toy rack. Joel meanwhile was happy with a bit of colouring and watching TV.

Dean had a great start to the weekend joining our youth with loads of others on Friday night (see Cracking Friday) and though the rest of the weekend was quiet church on Sunday was great.

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This was actually take last weekend in the Nature Reserve when Joel's friend Nattie joined us for the day.

On a different note we've been mentioned by the folk at Missionary-Blogs as part of the celebration of blogs running for 5 years or more. This is well worth a look as there are some other great blogs listed on the page.


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