Cracking Friday

One of the things I've always enjoyed about my role in Chris Nissen and now in Macassar and Firgrove is that I get to spend a lot of time sat with folk enjoying a good chat and a cup of tea (although I only drink Rooibos these days).

So on Friday morning it was a real pleasure to watch two worlds collide (not literally) as Ernest came to our house for the morning and Michael joined us too. They got on really well and were swapping plenty of stories about their days as skelms (rogues).

I could follow most of what they were talking about but occasionally they'd tell me a story in English and we'd all be laughing at their antics as younger men. I'm really enjoying getting to know Ernest and his lovely family. I love spending time with these guys!

Please pray for Ernest, he recently had his third stroke and it was a major one. Amazingly he's already had some miraculous healing as the church have been praying for him. His arm is almost back to how it was pre-stroke. His leg is still weak but he can walk short distances. Please pray the God would bring his healing work to an end with full health for Ernest.

On Friday evening I joined our youth group; Kingdom Warriors in Macassar as they were hosting a relationships evening. The event was fantastic with worship led by a group from Grabouw and the talk part led by Charmaine and her team from Ukuthasa Peer Education.

A completely cringe free talk about the realities of relationships and sex in a clear understandable and meaningful manner.

Amazingly for a Friday night when most youngsters might be out having 'fun' as the world sees it, over 120 young people joined in the real fun of worshiping our living God.

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  1. Prayers for Ernest and always for your work for the Lord!

    That is great about the youth - we had an amazing youth retreat for kids 11-15 a week ago. It is always moving to see how the Holy Spirit works with younger people.

    Prayers all around.


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