Wounded Soldier Update

Thanks to all for your prayers. Joel is coping much better today. This may be in part as he's relishing the time off school and getting to watch a bit more telly than he would otherwise.

This morning I took him for a blood test, just to rule out the viral possibility. I was dreading it as the last time we took him for injections he was a nightmare. Thankfully however, whilst I was riding in the Cape Epic last year I discovered a local anesthetic cream called Anethaine which was great for my bum (long story which you really don't want to know about!). Anyway, I smeared a generous dash onto Joel's arm a few minutes before the needle so that when the nurse attacked him he couldn't even feel the needle going in. Fantastic!

Amazingly the nurse had never come across the cream but said she was going to go and get some later. Also, some of the folks in the waiting area were amazed when Joel emerged as there had been no screaming or crying. I really should have shares in Anethaine!

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  1. Prayers continue! Hope all goes well. I did add you all to the prayer list at church last week.


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