For the last two Thursday evenings our church has joined with Victory Worship Centre in Macassar for two incredible meetings. Last week we hosted Jeff Kidwell from The Bay in Muizenberg and this week we had John Hosier from Brighton (although he's actually been with Jubilee for a year). Jeff taught clearly and succinctly about the Holy Spirit and then moved into an amazing time of application which was very exciting. This week was a bit calmer as John spoke on the Grace of God and unpacked Romans 8:28-30. John has a phenomenal gift of teaching!

WOW! Both evenings were incredible.

Last week Daniel led worship in the meeting and his style was obviously a little different to what the Victory guys are used to, so last night Victory led the worship. It was very different to what we're used to but man it was great. I was reminded of the church scene in The Blues Brothers with James Brown. Whilst we didn't have the dramatics of that scene we certainly had the music and it really was fantastic and made for a very refreshing change. It's a real joy and a privilege to join with another church and experience their take on things.

Hopefully this is the start of a long and healthy relationship with Victory.

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  1. I always love reading about your faith journey! May you all remain so joyfully alive with the Spirit!


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