Awesome Healing Confirmed!

Every now and then God chooses to 'blow our socks off' by revealing something HUGE about Himself that thrills us to the core. This morning was one such time for us. Paula went to visit Maggie and to encourage her with a bit of Bible study. Before they could even sit down Maggie confirmed that she had been back to the Day Hospital for a second HIV re-test to confirm her healing. Wonderfully, she is now in possession of two pieces of paper. The first is dated 1 Feb 2010 and has HIV+ written on it. The second is dated 17 May 2010 and clearly states HIV-!!!! To top it off, she has put on 4.5 kg in a week and yet she still has next to no food in her house. God has done a mighty, mighty work in her life and she and Paula could not help but jump around her room and praise Him for His grace and mercy. Maggie truly is a changed woman - everything about her is transformed from her appearance to her hunger for more and more of God.

Paula was able to listen to more of her life story and then to encourage her with various Bible passages. She was then thrilled to be able to pray for her to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. Her desire is to find a job next week that allows her to earn a bit of money but yet still allows time to reach out to the marginalised and the sick in her community - her whole outlook on life has been changed! Above all else she wants to really start living for the sake of her 3 young children still at home with her and to give them opportunities and a chance in life that, up to now, she has never had. As you would expect Maggie has many issues to face and huge challenges as a result of her life story, but she is ready and expectant and raring to go!

Our God is truly awesome!!

See Amazing Sunday & Awesome Healing! for our earlier post on this.

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