Daft Drivers

As I was driving into Macassar this morning with Michael we noticed this pair of legs sticking out of the back of the lorry. At first I presumed it was a joke pair until Michael pointed out that there was a hand holding the door closed. So I passed him the camera and he got a pretty decent shot of it.

One can only wonder at why someone needs to sit and hold the door closed and marvel at his bravery (or should that be stupidity) for actually doing it.

On a similar but different theme (is there such a thing?) I often laugh at the vanity plates to be seen locally. Someone has an Audi Q7 so they have the vanity plate Audi Q7 which is very unoriginal. Another I saw a few days ago was Focus-ST on a Focus ST of all things. My favourite up until yesterday was the BMW X3 with the vanity plate Topgear. Why would you put the name of a show on a car which was slated by said TV Show?

This is now my favourite stupid vanity plate and I have to wonder whether it might not qualify as the the saddest vanity plate ever?

I doubt it but it is quite tragic!

Have you got pics of any stupid vanity plates? Email them to me and I'll post them here for all to laugh at.


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