The Good Life

I finally finished my compost bin this evening, putting the door on and covering the sides with chicken wire to make it dog and rodent proof or at least rodent resistant. I'm quite chuffed and think it turned out well, even if I do say so myself. Now I just need to get an old bit of carpet to put on top to help the composting process.

It's made from old pallets and apart from the latch and the nails for the chicken wire everything else is recycled so I can feel a bit smug about helping the environment.

I had the idea for this a while ago and then recently happened to search on Google for help in executing the plan and came across a load of different websites offering various ways of achieving the same thing. Thankfully a friend from church runs a haulage company so getting hold of old pallets is easy.

So now we have a better home than the wheelie-bin for garden and kitchen waste and Rose's poo. I'm sure the guys who rummage through the bins on bin-day will be glad of the absence of dog poo!

It's all getting a bit like The good Life around here these days!


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