Ups & Downs

I think it's fair to say that I'm not known for my administrative skills, in fact I would go so far as to say that I actively seek to avoid such unpleasantness but there are times when it is simply impossible to ignore the stack of jobs that just won't do the decent thing and go away.

This morning was a rare morning in that not only did I get a lot of the yucky admin jobs done but they seem to have been done quite well (even if I say so myself). I guess time will be the better judge of this but I'm optimistic that my efforts will stand the test.

Sadly my excellent morning was totally ruined by the dreadful news that one of our church member's 5 year old has been diagnosed as HIV+. Paula was with the family and they're now on their way to the local hospital for more tests and stuff. Needless to say the mum is totally gutted by this. Not only does she have the reality of a terminal illness in the house but she must deal with the issues around how a 5 year old became HIV+. Tough times ahead!

All we can do is stand with the family and bring them to God in prayer. Please join us in praying for the family and especially for healing for the boy. We've already had one awesome miracle of healing from HIV in church and we know our God can do it again.

And to think I was getting excited about a bit of stupid admin!


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