Prayer Request

We recently asked for your prayers regarding an important meeting we had. Thanks for your prayers as that went really well.

However, things have taken an unforseen and unexpected twist since then and we find ourselves in a very difficult and very unpleasant situation and once again we must ask for your prayers.

As things work out we'll let you know more but for now please pray for grace to abound, for wisdom on all sides, for integrity and for God's will to be done.


  1. Really sorry to read this - the prayer battle continues -

  2. Hi Dean, Paula and the kids, so sorry to hear things have taken a turn. What's important in times like these as you already know is hand all your problems over to the Lord and let him take charge, some things are just bigger than us. I have known you a long time and know that without any doubt the Lord walks close with you all, he is almighty and will take you through this difficult time. We will pray for you and know that what ever happens God is in it , Thanks be to God , Love to you all and God Bless in Jesus Mighty Name , Mark and Family.


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