One of the joys of living where we do is that no matter how one is feeling or what is going on one can always stop and take a minute or two to enjoy the sheer beauty of the mountains and coastline interspersed with stunning vineyards. We really are incredibly blessed to live in a very beautiful place!

The weekend began with Michael rocking up and doing a load of work in the garden which was a fantastic blessing.

On Saturday we had a fun day at home followed by fish & chips on the beach in Gordon's Bay followed by the obligatory clamber through the rockpools. The boys were as happy as a pair of pigs in mud (see pics below).

After church we went out for lunch which was followed by a trip to the flicks to see Despicable Me which was great. We've not seen Joel laugh like a drain in the cinema before and even Eli was getting much of the humour.

All in all a great weekend in the midst of a lot of stress.

Praise God for small mercies!


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