Eli's 5th Birthday Party

Eli was honoured to have an early birthday yesterday as he will be in the UK on his actual 5th birthday in December and school's out for summer here so most of his friends would have been away too.

So, he dressed in civvies to school and pretended it was his big day.  He has been asking for months for a Ben 10 cake, so mum and dad bravely rose to the task and it was a pretty good result we think!!! (see below) Eli certainly loved it, and 10 kids and a few parents managed to demolish the whole cake at his party.

He had so much fun with his class mates at our local Spur (family burger/steak joint).  It is great because they lay it all on for the children with all the entertainment and food and we really had to do very little except pay the bill!  Funny to see Eli going all coy when the waiters and waitresses came to sing the Happy Birthday song to him with his cake!

Happy Birthday Eli - we can't believe it is almost 5 years since you arrived and changed our lives!!!!

The Ben 10 cake

Eli with his mate Tye


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