We're never too fond of having to say goodbye to folk, even if we will see them again very soon, but that's one of the drawbacks of the life we lead.

Saying goodbye or au revoir this time has been made a little easier by some fantastic friends who have made time to give us a really fun last few days.

Yesterday was truly amazing as after a few weeks of planning Ernest & Annie's family took us out for a farewell tea at their favourite restaurant (one which we like a lot too!).

WOW what a fantastic blessing!

Ernest & Annie have become our adopted mum & dad and we love their family. The highlight of my week is Friday mornings when I normally spend a couple of hours with Ernest.

Then last night we had some friends around for some mulled wine and sensational nibbles prepared by our good mate Anton who is the best chef in town!

So now we must focus on the business in hand of packing and making sure everything is in place for our sojourn. Packing is always a nightmare but this time we've also got to sort the house for the sitter so that Rosie is well cared for.

So to our friends at home here in SA we say farewell and to our friends in Blighty, we're really looking forward to seeing lots of you again albeit sadly too briefly!

Joel & Ernest in conversation

That was daddy's beer, honest!

Paula, Paddy & Barbara

Jo, Mark, Anton & Ed


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