The Eagle Has Landed

I'll claim to be the Eagle given that I'm a Palace fan.

Anyway, we finally landed a mere 5 hours late. Confusion was the order of the day at Cape Town airport as we were told the plane had a battery problem so we'd be late taking off. Then we were told the flight was cancelled and we'd "know more in 20 minutes". This was a much quoted expression which seemingly had no meaning whatsoever!

Eventually after a 3 hour delay we were on board only to be delayed for another two hours whilst a large crowd of drunks were taken off the plane by the police followed by their luggage being removed. 

So, you've been warned, BA will no longer tolerate drunk passengers. I can think of a few friends who might suffer due to this policy!

We seem to have arrived on the right day as it's about 8ÂșC and quite sunny, long may that continue!

Many thanks to Stephen for picking us up at Heathrow and dropping us in Wimbledon and many thanks to our dear friends in Oxshott for the loan of the car. What an amazing blessing!

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  1. Wecome back. But have you seen the weather forecast for the next week?


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