Ice Age

Joel & Eli have never experienced ice in it's purely natural state so the current weather here in Blighty is a bit of a shocker and not just for them!

Having wrapped up as warm as we could (more layers are needed in the next shopping trip!) we popped out for a bit of fun on Wimbledon Common.

Although we didn't see any Wombles on the common we did get to see the frozen pond and then set about trying to see if we could break the ice by throwing sticks and stones onto it.

The ice prevailed in more ways than one. Firstly it failed to break despite some valiant efforts, particularly by Eli, but the ice also won through as we all got so cold we had to abandon our attempts to break it and retreat to the warmth of home.

Next time the ice gets it!

More pics below..

Sunset (at a ridiculously early time) over Wimbledon Common

Eli gooi's a chunk of ice onto the ice

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  1. Beautiful photos! What a delight to imagine the boys experiencing this for the first time!


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