The Week So Far

Getting used to life back in Blighty is one thing but trying to adapt to life and the weather is very trying! We had to scrape ice off the car for the first time in many many years and couldn't believe how long it took for the heater to kick in and start pumping hot air into the car. When we go home in January we might be going home to the fag end of summer but we really can't wait!

We've been phenomenally blessed so far, not least by the loan of a car for the two months. Once again we must thank our friends at St. Andrew's in Oxshott for sorting this out for us. The car is a Fiat Stilo (we'd never heard of it before) a five door hatchback and it's perfect for our needs.

We've managed to get out and do a bit of essential shoping without the kids and we've even had them looked after for a couple of nights already allowing us to catch up on a bit of sans enfant sanity.

On Thursday we were at Crosslinks meeting with the many good folk there. It's always good to reconnect again after a few years away. It was also good be able to put faces to names normally seen at the bottom of emails as it all begins to feel human again. It was also helpful to talk through some of the issues we're facing at the moment, things aren't always straightforward so it's good to know you're not alone in the the more testing times. We were also really impressed by the staff that took time out to entertain our boys. To see so many people investing so much in them is fantastic!

Bargain of the week was picking up a complete copy of Mousetrap boardgame in Oxfam for two quid. The boys are now really into it and mum & dad get to relive a bit of their childhood.

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  1. Mousetrap! That was a Fran-fave growing up and I am much older than you all! Hah, every time I knock several things over and they fall in a pattern, I yell mousetrap! Then my 14 year old stepdaughter just stares at me, as if I have just stepped off of a spaceship!!

    Enjoy your time, prayers always.


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