A Day To Remember

We've had such a good day in London!

We started off at the Natural History Museum where it was obligatory to see the dinosaurs and creepy crawlies, of course. Followed by the mammals where Eli wanted to see a tiger and then we spent loads of time looking at various whales etc whilst Eli tested the interactive displays to check they really were child proof. Job done!

This was all followed by a trog down towards St. Paul's (which looked stunning in the winter sun) followed by the inevitable lunch in Mc D's and a No. 3 bus ride back to Oxford Circus. Joel loved the announcement on the bus which is best said aloud in a monotone voice with dramatic pauses:
 "Three, to, Oxford circus." 

Counting down will never be the same again!

The lights in regent Street were great and the boys were really taken with the Narnia theme. Joel was also a liitle agog when he saw Hamleys window but we managed to escape going inside.

The highlight though had to be our sojourn into Covent Garden where we took a few minutes out to watch a street performer. Before we knew what had happened Joel had been accosted by the performer and was part of his magic act. See the video below.

Joel and Eli with their cousins

The Narnia Christmas lights on Regent Street

See the full album here.

Joel gets accosted by a street performer and becomes part of the act


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