On Sunday we had one of our busiest mission education visits as we were at Herftord Baptist Church where Dean preached twice in the morning which was followed by lunch and our Powerpoint presentation and informal photo slideshow. We always enjoy visiting Hertford as we've known many of the folk since 1999 when we began studying at All Nations in Ware.

It was great to see so many old friends again and to meet a lot of new folk. We came away feeling very supported and valued. Dean was particularly impressed by the flyer they had been distributing to encourage folk to come along. We love how HBC really grasps the concept of partnership with all of their mission partners!

Thankfully, despite our earlier concerns we managed to escape the clutches of the snow and ice in Weald and were amazed to see that there was no snow at all in the Hertford area. Needless to say we had two disappointed peeps in the car but they soon got over it. We spent Saturday afternoon with Jemma (a dear friend from out time at All Nations) and her daughters and they seemed to click immediately with Joel and Eli which was a real blessing. Sadly we only saw Ian briefly.

Watching our photo slideshow

Joel and El on the swing with Freya


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