We're really grateful to the folk who made the effort to join us for our Facing The Mountain Roadshow last night!

Big thanks must go to the Markham's for so generously hosting the evening, providing plenty of food and drink whilst opening their house up without knowing just who was going to rock up or how many would.

We had a brilliant evening catching up with some great friends and it was really good to be able to talk a bit about what we're doing out in South Africa and the challenges ahead.

It was also really good to have a small contingent from Pott Shrigley.

The whole event was a great way to reconnect with a lot of friends and we wish we'd done this last time we were back, so be warned for next time (June/July 2013) as we seek to do more of our mission ed' in this manner.

Next stop for the Roadshow is Sheffield when we'll be at 30 Bannerdale Road, S7 2DL from 8pm, please feel free to come along, even if just for a quick hello. We'd love to see you!


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