So, we'd only been home for the afternoon and it started raining. What's that all about then?!?

Despite being fleeced of ninety quid by the thieving swines at BA for having bags over 23kgs (despite our almost 300kg allowance!) we had a long, smooth and easy journey. It's good to be back home and really pleased to be in the midst of unpacking and sorting things out.

Life is slowly getting back to normal as the boys are back in school, our fridge has been returned from the repair shop, and having spoken to many friends we're setting about catching up with many of them.

Rosie looks really well and the house hadn't been burgled and I even remembered where I'd left the office key! All appears to be well but sadly my new trees in the garden are suffering from severe drought, but that should be sorted with a good long soaking.

Now it's time to go and face some of those mountains!


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