As many of you are aware from our recent mission education trip to Blighty, things have not been right in our church for quite a while and things really came to a head late last year when two of the elders resigned and left within a couple of months of each other. In short it boiled down to leadership issues.

On our return home we heard a few things about the church, though sadly nothing from the leadership about what was likely to happen and on Sunday Grace Community Church closed up and finished.

For those members of the church that choose to, there is the option of moving back to the church we planted out of almost seven years ago. For ourselves we'll be spending time in prayer, seeking God as to how he wishes us to move forwards in his purposes. As such we would really value your prayer support over the coming weeks. Pray too for our many friends in Macassar and Firgrove as they struggle to make sense of what has happened.

Apologies to REM!


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