Amazing Morning!

You know the life of the church is healthy when the leadership can sit down, sit back and allow anyone from within the church to bring a word of encouragement, a scripture or a testimony.

This morning was about exactly that as no sermon was planned but folk had been asked to spend time seeking God with a view to sharing this morning. How good it was to see a willing flow of folk bringing some amazing  testimonies, words and encouragements. What a joy to hear so much of how God is moving in the lives of folk and extending his kingdom in Mitchell's Plain.

The highlight for us though had to be seeing some good folk who have been crushed for so long being lifted up, set free and able to share again. Joy!

What a fantastic morning with Love & Grace!

We ended a great day with fish & chips at the beach and enjoyed a spectacular sunset

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  1. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. What a turn-around. May God continue to lift your congregation and use you all for his kingdom.


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