Had such a fun type ‘holiday weekend’ this past 72 hours with lovely friend Jo (in the blue car!). We had been planning for ages to celebrate her “coming off of crutches/drugs” and so had a wonderful lazy lunch together. Was so good to have all that child-free/work-free time just to catch up properly, alongside another magnificent lunch – the diet definitely starts in June!!

Then came the highlight of the week for Eli as Jo had promised to be his bunk buddy one night. Still don’t think Eli can believe that she actually did stay over in his bunk bed – lots of laughs!

The next morning, of course, was a day for celebrating being British as Jo and I (and even the boys at times!!) got up early, stuck the TV on, ate croissants and proper coffee and enjoyed the good old Royal Wedding – wonderful! Can’t remember the last time I had such a lazy but fun 24 hours!! God Save the Queen, Rule Britannia and all that!!


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