Miles for Smiles

Once again the boys woke early and full of excitement as the annual Miles for Smiles event had dawned at the beautiful Lourensford Wine Estate.  This year for the first time both boys could ride their bikes unaided (no baby wheels) and had therefore been practicing in earnest for the event.  They gathered some great sponsorship along with the added incentive of extra money if they reached so many laps!

Well, they did us and the organisation and the school absolutely proud with Joel cycling 38 laps and Eli, a magnificent 50 laps!! It was a very warm morning and both were totally exhausted by the end of it - Eli even fell asleep for a considerable amount of the afternoon!  Well done to all the kids at the International School for putting your wholehearted effort into this very worthy cause.  So far the school have raised R92,000 over 3 years for Operation Smile, an organisation that enables children with cleft palates to get much needed operations.    It is so good for the children to get a bit of an understanding of what they are doing and our boys certainly entered into the spirit of things with great gusto!  Thanks again to all who sponsored the boys - it really helped to maintain the enthusiasm during the morning!

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