We've had a great morning in Macassar giving out flyers for tomorrow's Celebration in the New Civic Centre. We were few in number but big in hear and gave out a few hundred leaflets, had many good conversations and managed to pray with one or two folk. We had a good time praying with a guy called Willem who admitted he's a drinker and asked for Jesus to help him stop.

As we were chatting with Willem he said he couldn't come to church as he has no decent clothes to wear so he wouldn't be welcome. Dean told him to make sure he finds him and he'll make sure he's welcome. Sadly we run into this kind of legalism all the time. Most folk in places like Macassar, Chris Nissen and Mitchell's Plain would most definitely put their 'Sunday best' on and all too often look down on those who don't. Such legalism totally misses the point that Jesus didn't come for the 'well' but the sick and he certainly spent a lot of time with the lowlifes much to the chagrin of the pious. We just know that Willem has been chased away from church in the past because he's a drinker and a bit dirty & smelly.

We're really excited about tomorrow and we'd love to see a meeting full of Willems because we know that it's going to be a great time in God's presence and an amazing time of folk like Willem meeting Jesus!

Please join us in praying for a great time in Macassar tomorrow.


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