B. A. Eli

In honour of our school's International Day tomorrow Eli asked for his hair to be like B.A.'s and Daddy simply couldn't refuse the opportunity to have a go at doing it.

Eli's well chuffed with it!
Not sure what his teacher or the Principal might think of it, I guess it might have to disappear in time for Monday morning.

On a more serious note we had a great life group meeting together in Macassar last night. We had an excellent turnout and were able to talk about how we want church life to be in Macassar and I think we all left feeling very encouraged. We all agreed we need to be more committed to each other and the pending church plant and also for the need to reach out to friends and neighbours in the community.

Personally I can't wait to see the group take more shape and for us to grow numerically and spiritually in preparation for planting the new church.

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  1. He looks great! What a good look! Hope he gets to keep it, what fun.

    Prayers for your journey as church in Macassar. I was giving a talk last night and referring to how, God uses all things for good. That fits here, doesn't it? Amen to all that and a blessing on all you do.


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